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I admit that when I was a school boy, I loved it when the girls would lean forward in their seats and push their butts out.

This explains why I found myself liking videos like these:

There are many others; here are some screen shots:

Screen shot 2013-11-05 at 12.53.59 PM

Screen shot 2013-11-05 at 12.53.45 PM

Screen shot 2013-11-05 at 12.53.34 PM

Screen shot 2013-11-05 at 12.52.51 PM

Screen shot 2013-11-05 at 12.50.00 PM

Screen shot 2013-11-05 at 12.48.12 PM

Screen shot 2013-11-05 at 12.46.55 PM


He had just finished teaching his differential equations class and was walking in the hallway; he figured he had time to climb two flights of stairs to his office, switch books and make it down to his vector calculus class.

The Professor had thought about how he had looked forward to the D. E. class only to get soured on it a bit; there was an Asperger’s syndrome student who frequently “barked” at him as he tried to teach the lessons (mostly “thinking out loud” remarks that no one else needed to hear). It was ok though; The Professor had adjusted somewhat and the student WAS learning….

So, The Professor entered the hallway connecting the stairwell and heard a cheery “Good Morning Professor Haynes!”

There she was: her back was mostly toward him and she was looking over her shoulder. Her “not quite plump; not quite athletic” rear end was in its usual conflict with slightly shiny black lycra and there was a hint of split. The rear end was winning this skirmish. She had worn yoga pants and leggings to class before; in fact, that is what she mostly wore. But this time, she had on boots with heels instead of the usual athletic shoes.

She had her book bag and the smart phone “required” of all students at this university. She was waiting to enter the classroom that The Professor would be entering 10 minutes hence.

“Good morning”, replied The Professor in a “startled from somewhere else” voice.

She was “The Good Student”; she sat right in the front of class and was acing it. She wasn’t the best student in the class but she had an intellectual attitude of not being satisfied with “sort of knowing” something; she knew when she didn’t know something and knew when she did.

As he headed up the steps, The Professor was reminded that she had been on his mind lately, and not in the best way. She had come to his office for help, this time clad in her workout tights.


She had good questions (as usual) and he, as custom, had sent her to the board of the small conference room to work a relevant problem. He does this all the time, even with male students and females who aren’t clad in tight spandex.

The session was successful; she left knowing how to do the problem and with the understanding of how to tackle somewhat similar problems.

But he had thought about her at the board…and she was his mind enough to where…yes, he had looked for her on the internet…briefly.

Yes, she had worked in a sports camp for kids over the summer.

She was not unusually attractive; he was attractive enough but not more than the usual attractiveness that most young women have…before life has had time to etch wrinkles, blotches and visible scars.

Sooooo……the class itself went fine, though at the end of class when The Professor asked the students who were slow to leave the classroom “how did it go”, she said “it was a bit too much” looking over her shoulder as she walked away, her shiny be-spandexed dunes dancing and wresting with the fabric. Other students said “it was fine”…but she was one who “knew when she didn’t know.”

The Professor thought about this some more as he went running over lunch hour.

He noted, with disgust, that the hilly 4.2 mile course, which used to take him 35 minutes to do (15 years ago) now took him 45. Yes, he was slowing down, despite regular workouts.

He noted that his wife of almost two decades was trying to workout regularly as well. But The Professor’s wife is older than he is and has slowed down even more; that lead to a dearth of marital relations. Sure, he would lovingly pat her on her butt as she went about the house or when she bent over to pick something up. But the nights in the bedroom were, shall we say, not steamy.

The Professor noted that his student wasn’t anything he didn’t see in his “every other week” 5K runs (which The Professor referred to as “spandex chases”); his 5K times has slowed from just under 20 minutes (15 years ago) to just over 25 minutes. This meant that he now ran further back in the pack and saw more feminine spandex during races than he ever did before. His female friends knew that he liked this; a few even teased him: “don’t go running slow just to run behind me” said one of his sometime running partners; another remarked “hey, you’ll LIKE this photo of me” on Facebook (which showed her from behind).

Still another friend from yoga class sometimes playfully shook her glutes prior to bending over into poses like “down dog” and “forward bend”.

And these ladies, while 25-30 years older than The Student, actually looked at least as good, if not better.

So it was something else.

There was something to her greeting “Hello Professor Haynes” that was said with a mixture of affection and respect….with just the right smile that just did something for him.

The Professor was a liberal who usually sneered at those who used the title “Doctor” for themselves; “those who are the proudest of the title did the least to earn it” he frequently said.

But there was something about the deference in her regular, enthusiastic greeting to him that….well….let’s just say that he was more comfortable admitting to himself that he liked the spandex than in admitting to himself that he got off on the deference.

How would this eventually play out? Perhaps there will be another chapter written…soon.

I admit that one of my turn-ons is a woman who has some confidence in her sexiness. I’ll give an example: some time ago, one of my running friends made the mistake of “friending” me on facebook. Well, she actually read some of my status updates; I sometimes mention enjoying seeing the women runners in their spandex and shorts.

Well, we both are “group leaders” of a program to train up new runners; she trains a faster group than I train. She lead her group past my group and teased me; I playfully raced her and she playfully cut right in front of me (back to me)…the idea was that she was going to “block me” but she almost put her spandex wrapped butt right into me.

I laughed and said “T, it is instinctive for me to race you.” She kept running and turned to look at me over her shoulder and said “I KNOW what YOU are after; I read your facebook posts.” I said “oh no…I talk too much” and she said “Yes, you talk too much.”
(one of her group members said “Pot, meet Kettle” and I laughed.

Still… I was BUSTED, big time. But….well, while she basically looks like most other “fit MILF in tights”….well…I now find her “extra sexy”, in large part, due to the fact that she KNOWS that I check her out.

In fact, just this morning she saw me going up some stairs and said “I’ll race you up the stairs”. I replied: “I’d let you win” (yes, she was wearing spandex again….and you can ALWAYS see her panty lines”). She laughed loudly and replied: “yes, you WOULD let me win.

I love it…

Some time ago, I stumbled onto the youtube site HotYogaAtHome.

This is a series of 36 videos (3-4 of which are blocked due to some copyright claim) mostly of a woman doing yoga poses; a couple are “dancing” type videos.

The woman:  long straight hair, no make up, no retouching; she is a bit Rubenesque.  She is reasonably fit (say, like someone who does yoga regularly) and reasonably attractive; however if you were to see her in a rural Wall Mart, she wouldn’t stand out one way or the other.

But her videos:  let’s just say that there are about a dozen of them that I cannot watch without getting hard as a rock; one even got me to the point of pre-ejaculation (where that first fluid drips out) without my touching myself at all!

I’ve wondered why this is the case.

Some of it is the way she is built; I’ve always liked the larger, rounder butt.  Some of it is the way she wears a bikini; it is NOT a thong or a near thong, but it creeps up just a tiny bit; just enough to expose the bottom of the butt cheeks.

Some of it is the production; the choice of music (different for each video) works to set the mood and the tone.

Some of it is camera angle: there really aren’t a large number of “close in on the crotch” shots; different videos give you different angles and different views.

But, most of it is the routine itself; the poses go something like this:  yoga child, yoga child with wider legs, yoga child with the butt way in the air, token pose (different series), back to the yoga child sequence.  You can just feel the tension; you can see her body trying to pop out of the bikini bottom…and then she lifts her butt (down dog), pushes it back, and then back and up….AGAIN.   She builds the anticipation and lets you look forward to the next “ass in the air” sequence…..and doesn’t disappoint.

I find this sexier than the porn that I’ve seen.

I’ll post a few screen shots; if you click on them you’ll be taken to the appropriate video on her youtube account.  She deserves the direct hits!

She has a sense of humor…she often finishes her video with a butt shot with “the end”.

Evidently, there are a series of “watch me shrink” videos on youtube; the idea is that women set weightloss/fitness goals and then record their progress via videos of them in underwear or bikinis. In most cases, they don’t show their faces.

As someone who runs, swims, walks, takes yoga classes and lifts weights, I can sympathize. I am constantly vigilant against weight gain; I’ve been morbidly obese in one time in my life. For the record, my best “old man” running times are 19:53 for 5K, 41:27 for 10K and 3:38 for the marathon; now-a-days my 5K runs are in the 25-27 minute range and I walk rather than run marathons (typically between 5:15 and 5:40).

Anyway, enough about me; I can say that I am sympathetic toward those who are trying to improve their fitness.

But mostly, I find these women to be very sexy; much sexier than the professional models. This is the first 1/4’th of those I have seen. Oh yes, I am male. 🙂

NOTE If you are one of these women and don’t like being shown here, contact me and I’ll take the link to your video off (along with the thumbnail).

How this works: click on the thumbnail to see the video.

Workout (Fully Clothed) Porn

Ok, let me be clear about what I am NOT talking about. I am not talking about women playfully clowning around after a sporting event (or before?)

I am not talking about women who compete in attire that creeps up on them (even if that is part of the selling point).

And no, I am not talking about women who are working out and get captured by that hidden camera or telephoto lens.

So what am I talking about? I am talking about “sexy” videos that have a workout theme where at least part of the point is to titillate the viewer sexually.

These videos can range from those that really are serious workouts:

(the second is from a different video in the series)

Then there are those that take legitimate moves but focus on pouty expression and various “intimate” body parts. This one shows yoga moves and has “yoga like” soft music in the background…perhaps to….well…add to the naughtiness???

Then there is the old “exercise” videos from the 1970’s-1980’s era. This shows a repeated full squats sequence which really can burn the thighs; but there is a reason for the angle. 🙂

A comedy version with the same theme can be found here. You can see Barbra Streisand do deep squats and bounce her butt up and down.

Then there is the “this is what the video is for” period:

And my analysis is: well…I really don’t have one; I just wanted an excuse to post the videos and photos. 🙂 No worries; at races I notice but am usually trying to just keep moving. At yoga class: often I am trying to avoid toppling over.

The trefoil knot is the simplest “knot” in mathematics. Basically one can define a knot to be a smooth embedding of the unit circle into three space. There are right handed and left handed versions.

Well, it turns out that these knots appear on yoga pants:

Of course, this might be some sort of satellite knot of a trefoil (a knot with a trefoil companion) but one never knows until one takes a better look!

Sometimes, at least for me, “less is more”. Some of the best photos are the ones that tease but don’t let you see it all.

Example, consider this cut of a photo that I got off of the web:

The mirror shot makes the viewer (or heterosexual male viewers anyway) hunger for more…but then you don’t get “more”! Dang; such a shot drives me crazy. 🙂

(see the uncut photo here)

Yes, I sometimes (too often) search the internet for “spandex butt shots” and came across this one:

(click on the thumbnail to see the photo at the source). Note: I was also interested in this photo as it demonstrated something I’ve been unable to do since tearing the meniscus in my knee.

I took a look at that person’s photo stream (Ida Pyl) and notice that there were lots of butt shots, but no photos showed a face. Something didn’t look quite right; then I saw the tags: Ida is a cross dresser, and, well, straight.

Ida’s whole photo set is some sort of mixture of butt-visible pantie line fantasy, “bondage” (Dr. Frankenfurter) and some good art.

Surprisingly, I found myself LIKING it!!!!

So, I started to question my own sexuality. Sure, I’ve never been attracted to a male in person, and being in a male locker room causes me no discomfort at all.

It turns out that I was reacting to the feminine or the “feminine looking”; example: (not Ida):

(click on the thumbnail for a larger shot at the source)

So what about the crack in my title?

Well, what I’ve found that these crossdressers WANT you to look at their photos and butts; some will even ask you for suggestions as to the kinds of bends, butt positions, clothes, etc. They are happy if you are happy!

With humans with two X chromosomes: things are a bit too complicated. One one hand, they get mad when you look…and then get mad when you don’t? If you told a woman “why don’t you bend over this way” or “go into yoga child because I like the way your butt looks when you are in that position”, they get upset.

Cross dresser: they say “thanks for the suggestion” and “hope you like it”:

Yeah, I know; the cross dressers can move to a fantasy world, then come back out of it whereas a woman is a woman 24 hours a day; she might have legitimate fears of unwelcome advances (or worse), being judged for her appearance (say, on the job), etc. And given that women are so much judged by their appearances, their “stock” goes down with age.

Sure, I am in my early 50’s and yes, my body is falling apart too; I can’t run as fast as I once could nor can I lift nearly as much weight. But I am employed at a reasonably well paying job and that counts for a great deal, even if I don’t look so hot.

Oh well, life has its complications and human sexuality can be both simple (“hey, nice butt!”) and complicated at the same time.

Love it…
And yes, not a perfect model’s physique. But I don’t care at all!